Friday, 13 September 2013


Friday 13th September 2013 is a date that will be etched on my memory for a couple of reasons ...
it was the day i once again became the victim of tag ripping for only the 2nd time that i am aware of ... one of my tags had been altered, my © had been removed and it was being offered for requests by another tagger ... i am not going to publicly name and shame the person concerned as the issue was sorted privately and the tag offer was removed .. however tonight i was supplied with more of this persons work and we have identified tags where my background samples to my tuts have been used ... these samples are not to be taken from my blog .. by taking these background images and placing your own elements in your tags you are in fact mixing the work of 2 designers ... a very big no no ... i give quite clear instructions on how i make my background images and the images are to show you how your tag should look and  not for you to remove for your own tags ...


seems my ripper and her cronies think i'm jealous of her work ... if that is the case then why has my work been taken from here and ripped ... i will now publicly name her here ...Keysa Soverns Wissenbach  .... and here is my work she has ripped ....

My tag made for kiwifirestorm in sept 2012 ... original post

can still be found in the psp project group .... keysa did not

own my kit until 2 days ago .....

keysa soverns wissenbach purchased my kit the day before

ripping this tag and putting it out for request in her tag

group ... i still have the psp image for this tag and if

needed do screenshots of the tag layer by layer showing

the blend mode used and the opacity ... she cant because

she didn't make it ... she stole it from here and ripped it ..

for info she purchased my kit at digital chaos on 13th sept

2013 order no 355

her ripped version of my tag ...

this is now a shot of my tag super-imposed over what she
claims to be her work ... i have reduced my tag in size to
75% and lowered the opacity to 50% and lo and behold the
elements are identically placed ...

she has used the water element in my kit to block out the

name and placed other elements over what i had around the

bottom of the tag ....

now here is what she has done with the backgrounds taken 

from my tuts ... i have been accused of being jealous of this

ripper and thief ... if she is so good why has she had to

steal my work to make her tags ..... go figure cronies ...

my background image from my season of the witch tut

followed by what the ripper/thief has done with it ....

my background image from my secret garden tut followed

by what the ripper/thief has done with it ...

this was my post of sept 18th 2012 in the psp project group 

where i posted this tag for Brian (kiwifirestorm) ... take note 

it says soon to be released kit ... my kit was not released 

until 9th october 2012 ... dates on unedited posts do not lie

and the stores quite clearly show the date on which the kit

was released ... 

Angela Thompson aka Spicecake is not involved in the tag

ripping. Angela is a honest designer and as a result of what

Keysa has done she has closed the page they ran jointly.


  1. what A-holes! pardon my french but seriously! I feel your pain girlie! I hope this gets noticed big time cus seems to me you have been screwed over big time!

  2. What in the happy hell...smh! I am so sorry this has happened to you sweetie :(

  3. I have known her for years, she was also accused years ago on another social network but nothing became of i am seeing proof with my own eyes and she cannot deny it...word is spreading across facebook and i have already deleted her from my friend list...i am so sorry this has happened to you...we as taggers work hard and to have our hard work ripped like that is unforgiveable

  4. I am so sorry this happened to you. Luckly, she is not on my friends list.

  5. This is NOT the first time she's done this! She stole 16 of mine before and I was told she sold them to comment sites at that time.
    Here is a whole list of stolen tags she took from others in the past.. HUNDREDS of them!

  6. She ripped my tags a few years back and her minions said I was jealous of her too. They said there was a coincidence because Keysa did tuts. Anyone who knew my work knew I did not do tags from tuts. My ripped tags are in Lesia's Fotki album. Wild Pele. Keysa and her twit friends are complete shitbags.

  7. how can i get your tags I love the Jason one and how the hell can someone takes someones work gosh i hate people anymore Debbie