Tuesday, 31 July 2012

"Dark Secrets" Kit

"Dark Secrets" can be purchased HERE 

Tags below were made using this kit ...

Tut by AmyMarie HERE   ... the kitty is so adorable .. tx amymarie for the tut

Tag by AmyMarie

Tag by Monique ... tx monique for doing these example tags

Tag by BettyJ ... thankyou very much for this one  

 Tags by Chachaz ... thankyou very much 

Tag by Akira Creation ... thankyou very much

Tag by Bree ... thankyou very much


  1. Love the tags!! Love the kit

  2. thank you AmyMarie its a great kit love to work with it
    greets from holland xxx

  3. tx girls ... these are all great examples of what can be done with the kit ...